Newmarket Orthopaedic Discussion Group

Newmarket Orthopaedic Discussion Group (NODG) is an informal group that meets at Rossdales Equine Hospital on around the third Thursday of each month (unless otherwise stated) to discuss contemporary issues in equine orthopaedics, as well as interesting areas of cross-over from other species. The target audience is experienced clinicians and academics, to ensure a high level of discussion. It is not basic CPD, but there will be useful information for the less experienced and those who specialise in a particular area.

Thanks to generous sponsorship of these events, there is no charge for attendance. All veterinary surgeons, farriers, nurses and students are welcome. If you would like to be added to the email invitation list for future events, please contact Carly Briggs.

NODG Meetings Programme 2017

Thursday, 9th February 2017, 6.00 for 6.30pm - Rossdales Equine Hospital

Sponsored by Strömsholm Ltd

The effect of loading upon hoof growth and hoof shape in Thoroughbred foals
Simon Curtis BSc (Hons), FWCF, HonAssocRCVS

Having completed a six-year project studying the development of the foal’s hoof, Simon Curtis will be presenting his findings. The evenings will consist of lecture/discussions relating to the implications of his findings. Topics to be discussed include; hoof renewal times of foals and yearlings, the effects of uneven loading on hoof shape in both healthy foals and those affected by club foot, and the implications for farriery.