Internships and Externships

Internship Programme

Rossdales has an Internship Programme for qualified veterinarians and an Externship Programme for veterinary students. We offer two 24-month post-graduate rotating internships each year, one commencing in February, one in August. These positions are based at our Equine Hospital & Diagnostic Centre.

We are currently recruiting for positions starting in August 2018 and February 2019. See our Job Opportunities page.

For veterinary undergraduate students who have entered the clinical years of their training and wish to see practice, we offer five veterinary externship options. Visits may be two to four weeks' duration, depending on which programme is offered.

Students will be based either at the hospital, the diagnostic centre, or during the breeding season may be offered a stud farm option, where they will be assigned to a particular vet and experience all aspects of stud work.

Externships (Seeing Practice)

Seeing practice is an important part of undergraduate education and our externship programme is the best way of benefiting from a specialist practice such as ours.

Any senior veterinary student, who is aiming for a career in equine practice, is welcome to apply for an externship position with us providing they are enthusiastic, hard working and keen to get involved.

We offer a choice of five externship options to veterinary students. Further details, including how to apply, are available here.

Please note: currently we do not offer a Surgical Residency Programme.