Stallion Breeding Examinations

When assessing a stallion for breeding purposes, our experienced stud farm vets will consider a detailed case history of the horse and carry out a general physical examination, followed by a thorough assessment of reproductive anatomy and analysis of the horse's libido and semen.

The history will take into account the following: has the stallion already been used for breeding? What is the intended type of breeding (natural cover for Thoroughbreds or artificial insemination for non-Thoroughbreds)? How many mares is the horse expected to breed? Are there any underlying medical issues?

During the physical examination, our vets will assess the horse's conformation (with particular attention to feet and limbs), eyes, skin and other body systems. The stallion's reproductive anatomy will be fully evaluated and any abnormalities, such as cryptorchidism, will be noted. Stallions should also be evaluated for potential genetic disorders, which may be passed to their offspring.

Semen analysis

Semen can be evaluated at our Defra-approved dedicated semen laboratory. Here it will be assessed for good motility, good morphology (structure), concentration and volume.

Contact Andrew McGladdery, Fred Barrelet, Ollie Pynn or Ian Cameron for more information.

Mare/Stallion Infertility Investigations