Neonatal Intensive Care

Our specialist foal care team provides extensive monitoring, support and treatment to sick foals in our dedicated neonatal foal intensive care unit at the hospital. Our team of experts treat more sick foals than any other facility in the country and, as such, have huge experience in dealing with even the most critically ill neonates.

Many sick neonatal foals require a high level of veterinary and nursing care to maximise the possibility of a successful outcome and our dedicated boxes are especially equipped to care for the most critically ill foals.

Additional mare and foal boxes are available in the hospital yard for foals requiring less intensive levels of care or fostering. We have a full complement of equipment needed for intensive care, including mechanical ventilation, temperature controlled beds, cardiopulmonary monitoring, blood gas analysis and on-site clinical pathology equipment.

We are able to provide 24-hour specialised veterinary and nursing care with laboratory back-up throughout the foaling season.

To discuss or refer a case, contact Emily Haggett or Celia Marr on 01638 577754.