Mare & Stallion Infertility Investigations

There are many causes of mare and stallion infertility/sub-fertility and accurate diagnosis is the first step towards successful treatment or management. For mares, causes may include factors such as age, whether or not she has foaled previously, infection or reproductive system disorders. Similarly, stallion infertility/sub-fertility may be due to age, the result of infection or congenital or developmental abnormalities. Our equine reproduction clinicians can investigate such cases by using a variety of diagnostic techniques.


Our vets will undertake a thorough evaluation of the mare’s history, together with a gynaecological examination: this may include ultrasound and speculum examinations, endometrial culture, cytology and uterine biopsy and videohysteroscopy (examination of the lining of the uterus using a hysteroscope). Endometrial swab and smear samples can be sent to our laboratory for analysis. Depending on the results of these investigations, further treatment such as laparoscopic oviductal flushing, perineal surgery or hysteroscopic removal of cysts or adhesions may be advised.


Our vets have a great deal of experience dealing with stallions. Assessment of stallions with poor rates of fertility, assessment and management of such cases can be carried out by physical examination of the genital organs, ultrasound examination of the reproductive tract, and semen collection and analysis.

Laparoscopy can be used successfully to diagnose and treat some cases of infertility in both mare and stallions.

Contact Andrew McGladdery, Fred Barrelet, Ollie Pynn or Ian Cameron for more information or to discuss a case.