Tom O\'Keeffe watching a horse being trotted up

Services for Newmarket Trainers

Rossdales' experienced team of racing yard vets are familiar faces at many training, pre-training and rehabilitation yards in and around Newmarket.  By creating close working relationships with trainers, our vets aim to minimise the days lost out of training by racehorses for veterinary issues. 

Portable diagnostic equipment

Most routine veterinary work is carried out at training yards and can include clinical assessments, vaccinations and dental care. Our vets have access to a full range of portable diagnostic equipment and routinely perform:

Routine healthcare

Our routine stable work is tailored to the individual trainer’s requirements.  Our vets offer a full range of services, from providing advice and emergency cover to carrying out regular trot-ups, endoscopy, dental care, routine blood samples, administering joint medications and sports horse medicine.

We are pleased to offer advice on nutrition, worming programmes, vaccinations and all other aspects of routine healthcare.

In-house laboratory services

Our in-house laboratory, Rossdales Laboratories, provides a fast turnaround service for obtaining quick and accurate results for blood tests, tracheal washes and swabs.

24-hour emergency and referral service

Our emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies such as colic, fractures or wounds. Out of hours, there is always a vet available to speak to you.

Our ambulatory services are backed up by direct access to our Equine Hospital and Diagnostic Centre for more complex cases and for those horses that require hospitalised surgery.

For more information about our services for horses in and out of training, please contact Mike Shepherd, Pete Ramzan or Tom O'Keeffe on 01638 663150.

Specialist Diagnostic Investigations