Specialised Sport Horse Services

Our sport horse clinicians offer specialised veterinary services to horses and ponies competing at any level across all equestrian disciplines.  In addition to diagnosing and treating existing injuries, our clinicians can work with owners and trainers to help optimise their horse's fitness and ensure any potential problems are detected early.

Sport and Exercise Medicine

Sports and exercise medicine is a branch of equine medicine and orthopaedics that deals with exercise-related injuries and provides support to the equine athlete competing in all equestrian disciplines.  It is particularly concerned with:

  • Optimising physical fitness
  • Preventing and early detection of injury
  • Monitoring healing
  • Formulating rehabilitation programmes

Most sports injuries are usually musculoskeletal in origin (i.e. bone, muscle, tendons and ligaments). However, sports medicine can also include some chronic medical causes of poor performance in horses, such as cardiac, airway and gastrointestinal conditions.

Although we see a large number of elite competition horses, any horse or pony competing or exercising at any level can sustain these types of injuries and our extensive range of diagnostic techniques, treatment and therapies are available to all.

Rossdales partner Andy Bathe was awarded diplomate status by the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (ACVSMR) in 2015, which means that he now holds diplomas in three separate areas of expertise (surgery, orthopaedics and equine sports medicine).

Equine acupuncture is useful for treating any type of muscle soreness and arthritis

Specialised Ambulatory Service for Sport Horses

Sport horse clinician Rachel Read, who has extensive experience of dealing with showjumpers and eventers, now offers a comprehensive ambulatory service specialising in orthopaedics and optimising performance, including acupuncture, mobile radiography, ultrasound and shockwave therapy.

This mobile service for all types of sport horses complements the specialist diagnostic services available at our hospital, which include MRI, CT, bone scanning, echocardiography and overground endoscopy; as well as our extensive surgical facilities.

For more information, contact Andy Bathe or Rachel Read on 01638 577754.


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