Tapeworm in gut


We offer a convenient, cost-effective Annual Worming Package to protect your horses and ponies from internal parasites. The aim of this package is to provide a recommended protocol and prevent unnecessary deworming treatments being administered by monitoring for worms throughout the grazing season. It is designed to be purchased early in the year, before the first worm egg count in March/April time, to enable you to get most benefit from it. In winter, the package provides a wormer that eliminates all the worm types and stages that may be present when it is colder and horses are less likely to be picking them up from the pasture.

What does it include?

Information sheet and a full set of instructions 4 x Vouchers for worm egg counts (WECs) at our laboratory 4 x Bags for collection of faecal samples 1 x Wormer (Equest Pramox) for use in late winter 1 x Weigh tape Personalised interpretation of the WEC results and advice about pasture management and deworming treatments, where appropriate.


The package cost is £50 and represents a significant saving on these services and products than if they were paid for separately. It does not include the cost of any dewormers that may be recommended based on an elevated worm egg count during the grazing season, or the cost of any blood or saliva tests for tapeworms.

For more information and recommended worming advice, download our Worm Control Flyer. To purchase our Annual Worming package, call us on 01638 663150, or contact Mark Grant or Lucy Grieve.

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