Treatment and Therapeutics

At Rossdales Equine Hospital and Diagnostic Centre, our clinicians can offer a wide range of treatments and therapeutics in order to get your horse back on track after injury as part of a planned rehabilitation programme, or as part of a regular maintenance programme in order to help optimise performance.  These can be used to treat a variety of orthopaedic conditions, including joints, tendons and ligaments, or medical conditions such as headshaking.  Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, our clinicians can advise you on the most appropriate treatment options.

These include:

Remedial farriery
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy
Stem cell therapy
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
Infrared thermography
Laser therapy
Chiropractic services
Ultrasound-guided injection of stifle cysts
PENS (for headshaking)

Please contact Rossdales Equine Hospital and Diagnostic Centre on 01638 577754 to discuss any of these treatments with one of our clinicians.


Joints, Tendons & Ligaments